Tuesday, January 23, 2007


you will know what i mean when you watch this.
my husband and i love Jay Leno and ROss the intern is a riot.
"he's kinda like a Joan Rivers" Ross says about the croc.
this was too funny not to share.


DBird said...

Ohhh. My. Word. You got me in tears over here. lmao!!!! "You'd be surprised." Hahahahaha.

Niiiiiiiiiiice mR. Thanks to the tenth for sharing!

staceyfike said...

oh my gosh!!! so flippin funny!! you had j and i both cracking up!!! thx for the link!!!

mG said...

omg mR that was hilarious! thanks for the link!

i love on your sidebar too how you have "1 of many other michelle's" as your name. ;)

Karla said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! ME and My son were crackin' up girl thanks for this....gotta tell my husband! LOL!!!!!!!! Oh man....

ahardy said...

that was heee-larious.
definitely "sharing" that one.
thanks for the pee-in-my-pants

Rita said...

michelle...omg. that is hysterical. i heart ross the intern! too funny.

Nura Keif said...

OMG look at his face!!Too funny.Thanks for sharing!!

Pound said...

i love ross. he always cracks me up.