Friday, January 19, 2007

kid and cookie love.

so i really felt the need to go back to my favorite picture backdrop lately. I had taken pictures of Olivia against it months ago and wanted to wait until Kyan was walking to get some of him.
he walks now.
so mommy took pictures.
love how they turned out even with the dirt.
and then i found a new great photo spot too.
behind this church, were 4 rusted out metal chairs and i had to pull the car over.
love this one of Olivia and her monkey.
today was a good day.

on another good note. Girl scout cookies are out in full force here. I love me some samoas and even found this recipe in the local paper. a must try.
big shout out for the GS of Hawaii. Thanks for making my trip to Walmart a good one this week.


DBird said...

How adorable are they? Umm, very! It's so cool to see them grow. Kyan looks like a little man and Olivia? Yeah, her too. Is she getting taller? Looks like it! Ahhhhhhh, mR... their beautiful! And how fun to find photo shoot spots ;)

Girl scout cookies, woot woot :)

mg said...

they both look so so sweet! and how fun that you were able to find that spot! totally nothing like that where i live.

and yum-o on the cookies. samoas are my favorite too!

livvie said...

love the photos! got any boxes of thin mints over there? :)

Nura Keif said...

Oh my brownies...makes me hungry LOL Adorable them!!

ahardy said...

your little one's are every bit as delicious
as samoa's...hehehehe.
(yes. i am one of those mama's who squeezes &
pinches her kids to death!).
what great shots michelle..very "artsy".
love that!

Jamie in CA said...

okay, how come the girl scouts here in CA aren't out yet? i haven't seen a single one!! but when i out GS!!

i love that little kyan. i think he looks a bit like daddy there. that dirt is perfect.

and i love that one of Olivia. she's gonna be a hottie when she grows up...better keep an eye out for them boys!

Heidi Joe said...

The GS is Hawaii are ahead of the game, because I look around, and there is nary a GS cookie to be found. Not even the order forms.

But your kids are totally adorable... what an awesome photo spot! You and your guy should go back there and get some cute photos!