Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Closing a chapter.

"so long,
auf wiedersehen, good night
i hate to go and leave this pretty sight. "
Preferrably sang by the Vandals.

Above is the picture I overprepped in excitement for, just
about a year ago for my Fashionista spot at Scrap in Style.
What an experience it has been!
Thankful am I for being chosen,
for meeting so many wonderful women,
and being inspired daily.

For various reasons, the time has come to step down.
I am sad to be leaving the SIS family, but I will continue to be crafty.
and I'll be sure to share here when I do.


Vee said...

i will miss seeing your projects there every month chicka but I will be pressing here even more now! I know you will continue to do great things in craft and life
love you!! :)

Natalie said...

What? I'm sad. But I know you will continue to inspire me through this cute little blog you have. Miss chatting with you. Hope you're doing well.

ahardy said...

i love that your life is SO FULL of adventures.
i am positive that this next chapter will be even bigger and greater than you could ever imagine!
i LOVES ya mR!

kokopuffs said...

you go sister.

and that picture is the bomb. seriously worthy of some sort of craftiness.

(and do you ever say something is "the bomb?" I don't know if i've ever heard that come out of your mouth before.)

staceyfike said...


The DCG. said...

yes yes, hottt picture! heh.

I know you'll do great things regardless... no matter where you are mR!! xo!

Heidi Joe said...

Shut up no way... dang!

You are full of adventures, mR, and no matter what you do you are a shiny star. That picture proves it.

Love you sweets!

Aline said...

Sad to hear this, because I am always enjoying your craft. But I can come to your blog for inspiration! :)
Wishing you all the best!

scrappinJen said...

So happy i will still have a place to see your creations cuz we're so far apart. Get posting here!

Anonymous said...

So sad to see you leave, but I am sure you had good reason! Best of luck and I will have to check the blog out from time to time.

Cat said...

I absolutely LOVE the photo!

miss morgan... said...

awww! well obviously i better be seeing your scrappies here still! i'll miss your stuff!

Gigi said...

love you chelle :)

you are some hottie in that photo!!!

can't wait to see all your goodies yet to come...i'll be staying tuned for sure :)



Kara said...

Aww, I'll miss seeing you over there. Just definitely keep us update here. Best wishes on the next chapter.

sara berry said...

Dude, I know where to find you...and I know that you won't stop the crafty goodness! And HELL-O! The box of goodies you sent--thank you so much. Reciprocation soon. Miss you, S

*CER* said...

Aloha Michelle!

I'm really gonna miss your fashionista fabulousness! i'll be checkin'in!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

HUH? WHY?? Okay, I've been stalking this blog for a stopping me.

It's all good in th hood, girl!



Courtney DeLaura said...

i love you very much...
and i never, ever want to lose touch with you.
you are the best...
and we will drink wine and listen to meiko in concert together one day.

MY ittybittybitsofbreadmeesh.


CandiMandi said...

Well I am very happy that you will still be crafty because you inspire me so much!

kerry lynn said...

ah chellers.
i will miss seeing your well deserved fgirl star by your name.
but i will still have this
your space
to be inspired by
just as much as i am now.
and we will still have a road trip
i'm gonna collect that rain check

amytangerine said...

awwwww- so sad.
let's hang out soon, ok?

metrochic said...

i'm sorry we didn't get the chance to work together. i hope our paths cross somewhere.

kim brimhall said...

im so sad...truly...and you know ill move on and say im happy for you to be moving on in your own way...and i can't wait to see what you do in the future!!

love you!

Debee Campos said...

i am so glad I got to meet you
I need to hangout with you
thank you for being so awesome
you will be missed
but you still rock
so don't stop
dig it


celine navarro said...

i'm missing you already :(