Saturday, April 26, 2008

prefacing a call with "I know I am crazy but.." is a great start to a day.

See it started with this cabinet.
holy sh!t right?!?
I know.
So in my night owlness, I stumbled upon an ad for a Hollywood estate sale that had this beauty for sale.
Since forever I have wanted one of these.
But I now longer have a ginormous car to hold it, so I need to borrow a truck.
Of course I call my good ole pal Jamie for help.
she laughs at me, but agrees with the pick up situation and I'm off to Hollywood.

and I show up to this.
A tv station filming this estate sale?!?
What was I thinking coming here?!?
Clearly one tract mind to the cabinet.
So I give the kids a "This place is REAL fancy, don't touch anything briefing" and we go on in.
I immediately ask were the piece is and head upstairs.
To my dismay and frugal bones, the cabinet was priced too high.
I contemplated it for a good 15 minutes, and before leaving, ask the head lady if I can call Sunday and see if its still there.
Maybe then she will sway on the price.
Tomorrow is judgement day.
Wish me luck.

So while in La, do as the LA people do.
It was a beautiful sunny day, so we walked and ate and played.
My little best friends are such troopers.

They even Paparazzied it with Mommy in front of the IVy.
and I snuck this shot in behind a few real paparazzi guys.
Look past the gelled out comb due and the girl with her head down is somebody famous I guess.
People were shooting pictures of her like crazy.

As I am taking pictures, Olivia nudges me and says " Are we gonna go eat in there or what Mom?"
yeah, and pay 30 bucks for a kids meal.
hell no.
Off to Mc Donald's we went and back home.
So goes our adventures.


sara berry said...

Oh, I will cross my fingers for a price drop! Sounds like a fun day for you three!

scrappinJen said...

i miss you. plain and simple. i do. i would have unleashed all SEVEN of our kids on the estate lady and they would have paid US to take it and even loaded it in the car. dang.

Vee said...

is that mel b? hmm... love your adventures and so putting it out there that you will get the cabinet. it is gorgeous!!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

who is that girl?

CandiMandi said...

a hollywood estate sale. holy fun.

it would be seriously awesome if you got the piece you want! good luck!

Heidi Joe said...

Fun fun day! I have a good feeling about that cabinet. I think the price will be right come tomorrow. Sending good Juju your way.

Hello, The Ivy. I love how stars go there to pretend like they are having a normal lunch but clearly they are there to be photographed. Hilarious!

Cute photo of the bubbahs too. How fun!

kokopuffs said...

what would you do without me? ;)

love that picture of the kiddos. they seriously look happy in it. and that wall behind them is amazing. i think our next adventure should be to go and look for cool walls to take pictures in front of.

Breanne Crawford said...

dude. how cool is that piece. keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Gigi said...

fingers crossed here too!!!

& i LOVE that picture of K & O in front of the tile...their smiles are so sweet, the essence of youth ya know?

& i'm thinkin' everyone needs a jamie now...what a great friend :)

happy day girlie!!