Monday, April 28, 2008


paper/girlah challenge complete.
another paper adventure.
redone and like it much better.
art journal pages.
Love doing these because there are no rules.
and I mess up alot and am challenged to cover things up creatively.

not sure why the glitter came into place with this one , but I just ran with it.
and the covering up all but a few words technique, I had to try after seeing Sara do it.
hope to do some more later.
Happy Monday.


kokopuffs said...

awesome. i haven't worked on mine in a while. must get it back out.

ahardy said...

love that big ole 'Varsity' looking letter ... super cool!
you cover up 'mistakes' like no other! LoL.

Heidi Joe said...

I love that big varsity letter... how rad is that? Seriously.

Had fun yappin' with you yesterday. Must do on the regular.

Love ya, sweets!

Kara said...

Okay, you floored me. BEAUTIFUL work. Don't know what else to say.

Gigi said...

ooh yeah michelle!! great stuff!!
everyone has really been inspiring me lately w/ that paper 08 & you are big time :)

love the art journaling too...such fun stuff :)

miss morgan... said...

loving the unpainted words and your paper adventure pages are totally killer!

celine navarro said...

this journal is just amazing!!! you are inspiring me, dear! :)

CandiMandi said...

Oh I love it! It makes me smile.

CandiMandi said...

Oh I love it! It makes me smile.