Tuesday, April 08, 2008

One woman's junk is another woman's treasure.

and I love me some treasures.
It my weekend fix.
Goal 1.
Take more photos like this to remember the groupings of findings.
Goal 2.
To create more with it all and not just hoard it.
What a pastime.


kokopuffs said...

not fair!!

is any of that stuff from when we went or is just from this past weekend?!

love that Later metal thing. that's cool. and you know what, I don't know where the heck I put my rulers from the flea market. must find.

Liv said...

good finds, good finds.

i like the bird cards, the "slip it to me" button (the possibilities are endless!) :) and also the stamp book sounds interesting.

have fun with your goodies!

Rita Weiss said...

Hi Michelle :) So fun to catch up with you on your blog. It's been a while. Love all your treasures and fun pics. Good to *see* you! xo

kerry lynn said...

you find the BEST junk EVER!!!
i now bow down to the queen of thrift.

Dina said...

Okay, I never find good stuff like that when I go thrifting/antiquing. I'm gonna fly in and go shopping with you someday! hee hee

Cat said...

LOVE your finds!! You organize them in a way that is art in itself...