Saturday, April 19, 2008

hope #3

I tapped my heels together 3 times and it got me no where.
I was trying to get myself here today.
To be singing and swaying to Amanda's (my girl in the black shirt above)"baby's daddy" performing on the big stage.
Plumeria scent filling the air.
feeling the warm ocean breeze.
drink in hand.
and cuddled up to my own personal baby's daddy.

Second best.
Getting to hear my favorite song off of JJ's new album via live cell phone Kokua Fest call.
It gave me goosebumps.
you took me there for the 20 seconds A, thanks.
Not the real thing like last year, but it'll do.

1 comment:

The DCG. said...

it's been all over the local news the past couple days. both shows sold out, oy! with dm and paula fuga too! bet it was a good one.

super fantastic that you got to hear it somewhat live! hehe. ahhh, the wonders of cell phone technology :)