Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i took notes.

I was first told of The Last Lecture by my husband.
and then I saw him on Oprah.
and again just the other night on Primetime.
a sign, I'd say so.
Randy Pausch has enriched my life.
In a life where I already try to live by The Secret and now to hear his message.
so simple, yet so true.
This my friends is life changing.
Thank you Mr. Pausch.

"Maybe you should keep a crayon in your pocket so the smell would remind you of when you were young and thought you could fly."


Vee said...

I feel the same way, his story MOVED me on Primetime, amazing man. I am trying to live the same way, day by day. :)

Scrappinjen said...

You, my dear are an old soul. And I mean that in a good way. One of my favorite lines from my favorite movie (It's a Wonderful Life) "You were born older George". that's you michelle.So wise beyond your years. Insert curse word here you young thang. Wink.

Gigi said...

i concur....
that lecture changed my outlook profoundly

ahardy said...

you are nothing short of *amazing*.
it's making me happy to see your notes.

Kara said...

I saw him on Primetime. What an amazing man and family. I still need to watch the whole lecture.

Ashley Wren said...

i couldn't agree more...
i am so trying to be in the moment.
its all we have.
forget the busy highway that is my brain.
i love his story too.
and you.