Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ka boom.

This is my space.
It may take days, even weeks to organize this mess, but i know good stuff it gonna come out of it.
The joy in finding cool things I found then tucked away.
New Etsy goodies to share.
and heck, if there is something you have been looking for...
ask me.
If I have it and its ready for a new home
I'll pop it in the mail to you.
Its all about spreading the love.


Shabby Chic Crafts said...

hmmm...what about pop up dots. I can't have enough of those. If you have a used package...I'll take it from your hands. I'm crazy in love with them. :)

hmmm colored overlays....any scraps will do the trick!

The DCG. said...

ohh, mR! i'm with you. it actually IS taking me months to pull it together, lol. it's an overwhelming task, but a fun one (like you said, when you find things you forgot about :) hehe). looks like a treasure chest you got there!!!

xoxo :)

staceyfike said...

LOVE your space!

Vee said...

your space is awesome!! ;)

michelle raMirez said...

pop dots...check shabby chic.
they are on their way.
Anyone else?

Michelle Guray said...

yay for organizing! you have alot of stuff there mR! i just wanted to say i really love that metal cabinet in the first pic. i love anything with lots of drawers. i hope i can get lucky and find one like that.

Courtneybee said...

Ooh Michelle!

Have been a crafty lurker for too long...ever since I saw that cursive had me, I scored six rolls of woodgrain tape but am still searching for that scripty your space but totally know what you mean about too much!!!

Have a great night!

Heidi Joe said...

Hay gurl. I love that rad drawer thingie... funfunfun. Ummm, one time you sent me a cool letter H that was made of metal, like for a sign. It was the size of a Heidi Swapp large letter sticker. If you have any cool H's like that holla. Or any weird postcards. Rock on.

scrappinJen said...

i always knew you were a closet hoarder... like me. love it.

Debee Campos said...

old ledger paper :)
and old slide thingy/frames
you know you had me at paper.
you are amazing
you are so clever and sweet.
thanks for inspiring to give stuff away!
woot woot!