Friday, April 04, 2008

mosaic happy here.

because telling it storyboard style is the best.
and it captures moments like this.
The joy of teaching kids little tricks.
Happy Friday.


Heidi Joe said...

Lookit that little bubbah Kyan! He's grown so much since we saw you last summer! SO adorable. Both of them!

Miss you, girlah!

kokopuffs said...

omg. you are so right. i <3 Kyan's hair like crazy!!!

and that mosaic. it's not an ad for I wanna be a Supermodel; kids' version.

shelly b said...

great photos. and I love the bags you made!!

Liv said...

ahhh... we finally got to see Mr. Kyan with a mohawk. i was wondering when that day would arrive! :) great pics.