Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hello April.

Doing a little spray paint therapy.
Because a tacky neon green train table top needed a makeover.
So , needless to say, spring cleaning is in full affect at my house.
Always feels so good to clear out the old or refresh it and start clean for the season.
New month, new projects.

and a little welcome to SIS love for dear Lucy.
Its so fun having all the new Fashionistas join us.
Loads of love going around and that's never a bad thing.
I can not believe it has almost been a year since the Scrap in Style phenomenon started.
and to celebrate that, Jeanette is foofing up the boutique starting tomorrow.
She knows the way straight to my heart because she ordered up some of that Banana Frog goodness.
i am freakin' over this set.
Be sure to check it out.

and I leave you now with a little dual booty shakin' shot.


sara berry said...

That last shot is too much! ♥

Natalie said...

Those are some hot shades. And that booty shakin shot made my day! It really did. Too funny!!

amytangerine said...

love the banana frog stamps, but that booty shake is just too much!

kokopuffs said...

when did you get those new shades? i think they look fab!

and I always knew Olivia had a little booty shakin' in her. i saw it before with my own eyes.
so cute.

Jenny said...

Love all the new pix. gotta love Disney love.