Saturday, April 05, 2008

hot damn.

for serious?!?
found this morning at a base garage sale.
Never been opened.
Not even for extra money either.
What are the chances?!?

My Mii girl is calling for her next round of boxing.
Gotta run.


EliseBlaha said...

i am on your blog right now.
listening to your playlist.
drinking wine & making a pizza.

congrats, congrats on the wii. great score.

thanks for the tunes.

kokopuffs said...

okay it must be a Wii weekend or something. Because Linda scored one yesterday while we were at Costco shopping. there was one left that I could've taken, but I didn't. even handed it over to another guy who was about to bowl us over looking for one.

kerry lynn said...

SO awesome 'chellers.

Natalie said...

Duuuude. The Wii is the shit. I've had mine since day one and never once have I regret the purchase. Endless laughs. Crazy boxing moves. And watch out because I'm a tennis PRO. Bring it!

Liv said...

OMG. You're gonna be so addicted. The first time I played the boxing one it was New Years Eve (therefore I was drunk) and I kicked Tim's ass in boxing. Like, TKO'd him!! It was phenomenal.

But then I hurt for like two days straight.(Not from the alcohol. From the boxing.)

It'll be your new fave workout, I swear.

OK. I'm really gonna go now. :)

Heidi Joe said...

Ohh! I want one so bad. Never mind that I haven't played a video game since Super Mario Brothers in 4th grade. Freaking radddd score, there, mR!

The DCG. said...

omg, i love how yall took pictures next to yourselves :) SOOOO cute! Yay :)

amber said...

Yes, we are definitely a Wii family over here. Tennis is my current fave. Pretty good workout too.

SO cool that you found one!

Breanne Crawford said...

woahh! thats awesome! i want a wii! they are SO much fun! (esp after a few drinks!)

Veronica said...

oh...we have had one since last may...all I have to say is Wiiii!!!

Have fun!

amytangerine said...

i wanna wii!! you lucky lucky girl!!

ahardy said...

my Mii has piggy tails too!
good times, my friend.